The mathematics of glamour = subway art + awkward moments

May 9, 2009

I present a self-portrait and story from Kristen Lamb.

“So, your first response might be ‘Aw, poor Kristen with her low self-esteem’ BUT there is a story…


drawing & story by Kristen Lamb

A few months ago I was on a mostly empty subway car.  A non-homeless, college-aged fellow got on and proceeded to draw caricatures of other people on the train (one between each stop) and would then give it to the person and draw someone else.  I’d watched him do this three times, and each time he moved and sat directly across from the person.  I waited in anticipation!

THEN he moved across from me!  ME!  I tried to be coy and read my book and pretend I didn’t notice, but I kept looking at him and probably looked uncomfortable and awkward, yet excited!  My stop was next, but as I went to get off…. he didn’t give me the drawing!  I was a bit heartbroken and sad.  I feared that he’d drawn a mean scary caricature of my awkward, crazy ‘someone’s watching me on the subway’ face.  Thus, my caricature.”

Thanks for the amazing drawing and story, Kristen!  Hopefully, I’ll meet the same artist on the subway at some point, and I promise, I’ll act just as awkward.  It’s a natural gift of mine.

I’m collecting doodles, drawings, sketches, finger paintings, etc. and stories so please send my way.

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