Mating call

July 28, 2009

blondlifeguardHis nose is loaded with lotion.  My nose is hidden inside of a book.

I’ve been quiet.

The best feature of reading is re-reading.  A favorite book of mine entered my realm post-College and pre-European Adventure.  I needed a few “bus books” for the trip, and I stumbled across a good one: The Girl’s Guide To Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Bank.

The story follows Jane through her relationships with the most important men in her life:  Father, Brother, First Love, Idealistic Love, Oodles of Lovers in Between, and the Real Love.  The witty writing makes you light up, and the reality of truth, in the storyline, makes you dim down.

Bank reminds you of all that is “beautiful and funny and sad and true.”

Every time I re-read, I revel.

On the beach, Linda became her social-scientist self and said, “At the top of the social hierarchy is the blond man on the elevated white chair.  The symbolic throne.”

“I believe the common term ‘lifeguard’ signifies his desire to copulate,” I said, “i.e., to guard the perpetuation of the species.”

“Note that he paints his nose white,” she said.  “Not unlike the chiefs of many sub-Saharan tribes.”

The lifeguard stood up and blew his whistle.

I said, “Mating call.”

-The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Bank

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