Sharing secrets with Google

September 23, 2009

Are people more likely to share their secret thoughts and questions with Ms. Google rather than their own friends and family?   The reliable search engine could be the world’s new confidante.

Personally, I don’t want to share a best friend.  Jealousy ensues.  Things get messy.

There must be some virtual vault in Google’s zainy mansion that captures our world’s most intimate questions.  The treasure chest is free from judgment.  It contains truth in the form of misspelled thoughts and mysteries.  Vulnerability hides in the bottom left-hand corner.

As a multifaceted guru, Ms. Google has a variety of relationships with millions of people.  Is your own exchange emotional or factual or perhaps something else?  It takes time to fully develop.

I have a few favorite search phrases that have led people to my website:

“babies with really long necks”  Yikes.

“toe wrestling”  I’m glad I am not the only one interested in this sport.

“is there beer at medieval times?”  Yes, lots of it.  Enjoy the booze.

“why are balloons sexual?”  I wonder how Ms. Google answered this one.

“i made him wear heels”  Congratulations.  I’m impressed.

“gchat etiquette”  I don’t believe it exists, hence I signed off for good.

If you feel confident in your relationship with your search engine, send me a few of your best or most intriguing “exchanges”.
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6 Responses to “Sharing secrets with Google”

  1. bethany Says:


    “how do you meet Charles Manson”


    “desire equals slow death”

  2. George Says:

    “Are vibrams right for me?” – I wish I could tell you.

    “Google kittens” – Sound adorable. I can’t wait until they’re out of beta!

    “Huge fuzzy moth photos?” – Is that even a question?

    “Stupidly fun experiments” – That does sound like fun!

    “Some on measuring a person and the customer is smiling” – Whaaaa…?

    And the winner – possibly the happiest query on earth:

    “Smiling kittens and puppies”

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